Individual & Couples Counselling

General and Specialist Counselling

Our therapist has extensive experience of working with depression, anxiety, stress, Loss and relationship difficulties. Specialisms include cross cultural work, issues relating to third culture and re-entry into birth country, childhood sexual abuse, rape and trauma. The therapist will work with you to understand how you see the world, your values and what is important to you. Together you will explore root causes of your difficulties and identify the potential you have to make the changes you want.

Counselling is provided by Dawn Purver, a qualified Integrative Counsellor who specialises in working in a relational way with clients. Read more about Dawn and our other therapists

Couples Therapy & Individual Psychosexual Counselling

We all experience difficulties individually and in a couple relationship. We offer a confidential environment to talk about your own relationship with intimacy; together as a couple. Couples are often disillusioned by their relationships and connection needs to be re-established. Couples coming to therapy are feeling frustrated, communication is difficult and intimacy has become awkward or non existent.

We offer an approach that is able to open up dialogue where you can talk openly about the relationship, and challenge long term behaviours that are stopping the relationship from growing. The first meeting is an opportunity to discuss openly your concerns. I am aware this can be difficult. I will help you overcome this with support and encouragement.

You will have the opportunity to explore your own sexuality, sexual timeline and new ways to think about your sexual template. We look at singledom positively as well as exploring your possibilities for future relationships. Issues with sexual dysfunction can be discussed as they can have a significant impact on your self-esteem, confidence and relationship.


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